Charlotte, N. Carolina

For the last ten years the Charlotte Sports Commission has put on a very successful kids charity event (Fight Night for Kids), which had only featured boxing up until this year. Enter Kenny Letts, a steering committee member for the first 9 years of the event, Letts was given the opportunity to add 2 MMA bouts to this years card and they did not disappoint! Letts had been toying with the idea of promoting an all MMA event and after seeing the fans reaction at ‘FNFK’ that solidified it. Here we are 3 months later, after a lot of hard work and realizing there’s a lot more that goes into promoting an event than just finding fighters, Letts will be launching Fight Lab Productions: ‘Misery Loves Company’ at the Grady Cole Center, the site of UFC 3. Letts seems to be taking all the right steps in his first ever promotion, from pre-fight tapped and radio interviews with the fighters, commercials on the local Spike TV during (see below) and getting the fans involved by letting them rate the fighters on the fight cards they will hand out. While it’s evident no other promotion will ever really be able to compete with the UFC, the regional shows are essentially the “minor leagues” of MMA but that doesn’t mean they can’t put on a “Major League” event at affordable prices. If Fight Lab Promotions “only” becomes the biggest and best show in N. Carolina that will be fine by them.

Highlight Reel and Fighter interviews

Spike TV Commercial